Photo from the time lapse I took during my morning writing session

I wrote this piece as a stream of consciousness during my morning writing session on 6/18/2021, and for once, what I wrote felt more-or-less complete, and I was more-or-less happy with. So here it is. Any edits were restricted to punctuation and minor grammatical corrections.

I didn’t feel like writing…

On Voting, Change, and Political Freedom in the 21st Century

Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

If you told the Founding Fathers that by 2020 the United States would have an aspiring dictator for President and be teetering on the brink of failed state status, they would have been distraught and dismayed.

But here we are.

At the root of the problem, the foundation of our…

In a time of crisis, Black Radical Environmentalism is my gift to the World.

A 2014 forest fire burning in my home state of Washington. (Source: Yale E360)

Happy Birthday to me.

Today marks a quarter-century spent discovering the man I’m meant to be. 25 years chiseling at the stone of my soul has begun to uncover the art underneath, the statuesque marvel of man that will one day serve society as a great leader. …

Image Source: The Economist | Minds like Machines

Technologists push blindly forward with such pace that many of the problems that demand innovative solutions were produced by a previous innovation.

Technological innovation has become synonymous with progress throughout much of modern society. Technologies are created through the application of knowledge; thus, ironically unlike the act of knowledge creation…

Syris T.J. Valentine

Black Radical Environmentalism is the name of the game.

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